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Band name generator

Our band name generator creates random band names using our huge list of hand-selected words.
Our tool is useful for coming up with cool band names for rock, punk, emo or other musical styles. Enter a word or phrase and our system will randomly use that in the generation process.

Band names using your key phrase.

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Band Name Generator: Get Your Perfect Band Name

Starting a band is both a fun and exciting experience. The endless opportunities available to both you and your bandmates are an inspiring thought. You rehearse and write for hours and hours. You’re ready to get out there and play your first show; but, there’s just one problem… The dreaded band name! In comes the band name generator.

Every new band struggles with band name ideas. It’s a difficult task! It’s your identity, it’s how people recognise you. But fear not! We have the perfect advice for you.

What Makes A Good Band Name?


Good band names are recognisable. They’re easy to spell, memorable and more importantly, your band name defines who you are as a band. A well-crafted band name will resemble your brand, helping to sell your image. You wouldn’t have a rock band name for a teen pop group! Although… Some boy band names are a little misleading these days…

Often, the more memorable, the better! You want your fans to remember you. Maybe a funny band name will do the trick?

How To Come Up With A Name

First of all, know your brand, look at other bands in your genre or that have a similar sound to you. Indie rock band names are usually quite different from heavy metal band names! 

Start with famous band names and work your way backwards to local acts in your circuit. Decide whether you want to think of cool band names or funny band names – Often choosing something that reflects your personality will feel more authentic to fans. 

Perhaps your band has a theme? There are plenty of bands named after cities, bands with colours in their name and even band names with numbers in them. You could even come up with a few clever band name ideas that have deeper meanings. Smart band names are always interesting to fans, giving them another reason to follow you! 

Some of the best band names out there are just one word. Try using a one-word band name generatir to inspire some fresh ideas, like “rolling stones”. I’d advise using a word that best sums you up though!

Random Band Name Generator

Band Name Generator

Band name creators can be an interesting tool, often providing some pretty weird band names! There’s a whole bunch of name generators out there to cover most genres: Indie band name random generators, Metal band name generators, Punk band name generators for bands and even Country band name generators! 

Admittedly, most don’t give cool band name ideas.

But wait! Don’t write them off yet…

When used in the right way, band name makers can be a really useful tool for compiling a large band name list. Most offer a range of filters to help you narrow down your search into something appropriate for you and your band. There’s no point using a rock band name generator for girl band names! 

Try using generated band names like the one above! We advise that you keep a list of your favourites so you can take them to the rest of your band – Your drummer might not want to be called the ‘Fluffy Kittens’! Always best to check. Enter a word or phrase or even a genre of music like rock punk emo and see what it produces for you. 

Once you and your band have agreed on some potential band name ideas, it’s always best to Google them. Sharing the same name with another band can be troublesome when fans want to find you online. Especially if the other band is more established!


Now you’re ready to make your final decision. One way of doing this would be to make a big list of ones you like and run through them with your band members. Cut them down to those that haven’t yet been taken and those that are searchable, then cut them down even further when you and your band members vote on your favourites. 

It might take a little bit of time, but at the end of it, you’ll have an amazing band name that you all love that is available and searchable.

Music band names are a difficult task for all new bands. But, using a random band name generator can be a great way to spark inspiration and get the ball rolling. Be proud of your band name, it’s who you are. 

One day, it could become a household name! 

Keep it simple and keep it true to your brand, the rest, I’m sure, will quickly follow. Need some more help picking a name or ready to take on the world with a name you’ve just chosen? Our artist development and music promotion teams will be happy to help. We also have a Rap Name Generator, if that helps as well.


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