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The easiest way to convert your WAV to MP3 files

WAV to MP3 Converter

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Convert Your Wav Files To MP3

To convert your high-resolution Wav, AIFF files to MP3 format at 320k resolution, simply click the browse button below, select any number of tracks to upload them to our free online tool. By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Service.

By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Service.

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WAV To MP3 Converter Online – How To Convert WAV To MP3

If you’re looking for some more information on how to convert WAV to MP3, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at what each of the formats are, how they work, how to convert and answer the question: ‘why would you need to convert from WAV to MP3?’

Let’s dive in…

What is WAV?

A WAV is an audio format that you’ll recognise from the filename extension ‘.wav’ or ‘.wave’. WAV stands for ‘Waveform Audio File Format’. It was originally developed in 1991 and stores data in ‘chunks’. It’s the highest quality audio track and varies based on sample rate and bit depth. It’s commonly used in recording studios for audio records and via the DAW software you can convert your audio and select MP3 as an export for listening on media devices.

The pros of using WAV is that it is a very simple format, making them easy to edit and process. It’s also a more accurate format with lossless quality, making the listening experience much more enjoyable. 

This makes them the go-to format for music production. Whether that’s recording in the studio, mixing, mastering or otherwise.

The biggest disadvantage to WAVs is that the files are usually quite large. This makes them difficult to send, take up more space on your devices and makes them less suited to streaming. We would recommend you upload to music distribution services as WAV however.

What Is MP3?

An MP3 is an audio format that’s a small file compared to an original file and contains compressed audio. You will recognise it from the filename extension ‘.mp3’ which will play in almost all media players. It’s not one of the lossless formats such as WAV or FLAC. MP3’s come in different bit rates, most mainly 16 bit which will play on any Microsoft and IBM computer.

MP3s are useful because they heavily reduce the filesize compared to what the same song would be in a lossy format called WAV format. Unfortunately, this does come with some downsides.

In order to encode MP3 files, converters have to remove some frequencies and ‘hidden sounds’. This makes the MP3 format ‘lossy’. Luckily, most of us don’t hear much difference as there is a smart way of doing this. 

The people who created the MP3 format did research into certain unnecessary sounds in music, such as frequencies that most listeners can’t hear. As well as ‘hidden sounds’ that other parts of the music drown out. To the human ear, most people can’t tell the difference between the converted files vs the original files. 

You could argue that MP3s caused the downfall of the music industry. MP3s made it possible to easily share music on the internet, especially when sites like Napster came around.

Why would you need to convert from WAV to MP3?

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Some websites where you might want to upload music will ask for MP3 format.
  • If you have an interest in sync licensing, you’ll need to attach metadata to your tracks. You can only do this in MP3 format. (Unless you use our cloud storage system, specifically designed for creatives!)
  • MP3s are much easier to send
  • MP3s are easier to store on your devices and won’t take up as much space.

There are many more reasons, but we’re sure you must have at least one yourself if you’re here!

How To Convert WAV To MP3 

The easiest way to go about this is by using a WAV file converter. This way, you can easily convert WAV files to MP3. These tools are made for the job and are available for you to start using right now. Let’s get into that a bit more…

Where can you convert WAV to MP3 online? 

There are plenty of WAV to MP3 converters online. However, you could just stay on this page and scroll up to get rocking! 

It depends what you’re looking for as to what tool is the best to use. Are you looking for a free WAV to MP3 converter? Or are you more concerned with it being a fast WAV to MP3 converter? 

Make sure to keep this in mind when trying conversion tools. If the one above isn’t your favourite, try a few others out and see which works best for you. Make sure to let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve ours!

How To Use The WAV To MP3 Converter Above

You can use the converter above very easily by following these x steps:

  1. Simply select your WAV files to upload
  2. Click convert
  3. Wait for the converter to do its magic (although this step will be over before you know it)
  4. Click download to get your MP3 version!

There is no limit to what file size you can upload.

What if you want to convert multiple WAV files to MP3?

If you want to convert multiple WAV files to MP3, you can still easily do so using the tool above! There is no limit to how many times you can convert, so simply upload and convert each one. Please let us know if you would like to see a bulk conversion tool!

Time To Rock

Now you know all about WAVs, MP3 and how to convert! What are you waiting for? Go and use the tool above. If you’re interested in what else Music Gateway can do for you, make sure to check out our sync licensing service, music collaboration tools, music promotion services, cloud storage and much more. 

Also, check out our blog for more useful information about the music industry! Try Music Gateway for free now, all you need to do is sign up.


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