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Q: What is Music Gateway?

A: Music Gateway provides products and services that help create a level playing field of opportunity and productivity for creative professionals worldwide through unique solutions and cutting edge technology. “Empowering Creatives” is our mission, and we build our company values around this statement.

Q: Can I submit my music if I’m not a Music Gateway member?

A: Yes! From our Submissions page (, you can submit music for Spotify playlists, music video distribution, new release review, YouTube, radio stations & curators.

Q: Are you a Sync Licencing Agent?

A: Yes! – Our in-house creative teams in London & LA work directly with music supervisors, advertising agencies, broadcasters, filmmakers and TV production companies placing music to media on a daily basis.

Q: If I land a Sync Placement, how much do I get paid and do I keep all my rights?

A: You Get Paid – For Non-Exclusive Agreements, you receive 75% of the sync fee (our cut is 25%) and it’s 80% if you’ve signed an Exclusive Agreement (We retain 20%). You keep 100% of all backend royalties & all your rights.

Q: Do you offer Music Promotion & Artist Development services?

A: Yes! – We provide a range of Music Promotion services from radio airplay, TV promotion and DSP playlists (Spotify, Apple Music and others). Our Artist Development team manages your development by connecting you to the best creatives in the world from music producers to video directors.

Q: How do I collaborate with other Music Gateway users?

A: We make it easy to create and collaborate with our creative community with our unique Opportunities and Project tools. Create a new Project, or pitch yourself to an existing Opportunity – there’s something for everyone!

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